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Cover Your Bases Before Hiring

If you are applying for a job with a trucking company be prepared… they are going to check your license. And well they should, not only for the initial process of screening for potential employment but on a regular basis once you’re employed.  If you have a trucking business and you are not doing this as a matter of good business practice you could be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment in the future.

What Can You Learn From Driving Records?

For starters, are there any DUIs on your potential employees driving record?  How old is it?  How many are there? More than one DUI on a driving record will very likely point to a drinking problem.  If you own a trucking business you simply cannot have an alcoholic behind the wheel.  And yes, of course your liability and insurance agents will go right through the roof when they find out.  Sol this individual is dangerous behind the wheel yes, but that’s not all.  This person could literally end up being a detriment to your business in general.  What about those annoying speeding tickets?  Well, in truth too many speeding tickets can point to any number of problems.  This person could be chronically late and you don’t need your shipping arrivals to be late.  It could also mean they have a blatant disregard for the law and think that it does not apply to them.  Also not the kind of individual you need behind the wheel of one of your trucks.

Oh It’s Just a Little Ding

Sometimes the simplest most insignificant things can speak volumes.   Something as common as frequent fender benders can be cause for concern because this probably means inattentive driving.  Was this person reading a map or talking on the phone instead of watching the road?  God forbid they may have been texting as well.  Texting is the new drunk driving after all.  Owning a trucking business you certainly don’t need someone who can’t concentrate on this awesome responsibility that has been entrusted to them.  Every time truckers and everyone else gets behind the wheel they take not only their lives but the lives of everyone else into their hands.  Having lives and your new trucking business in their hands…?  Even more of a massive responsibility.

Checking the driving record of a potential employee is essential for not only trucking companies but any company that is hiring a new individual.  It’s just that with trucking companies you want an ongoing picture of just exactly what it is your driver is doing behind the wheel… not just went in your truck but whenever behind the wheel.

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Cigarette Safety on the Road

The trucking industry has the most smokers of any other industry except construction workers; and while cigarettes are banned from most workplaces, the workplace of a tractor trailer has pretty much been left alone. This is not an unusual scenario but smoking while driving is among the top three causes of traffic accidents today. A driver looking for cigarettes or a lighter is distracted from the road; same for a driver lighting a cigarette or other tobacco while driving. A dropped lit cigarette in the cab can cause a driver to overreact and possibly cause an accident because they’re trying to find the burning object and become distracted again.

Think About What You’re Doing

Driving a rig is a huge responsibility. The driver has to take responsibility for whatever he’s carrying in the load, all 18 wheels and tires must be up to par, the mechanical condition of the tractor and trailer must be monitored to make sure no surprises are waiting around the corner and the driver is professionally trained to pilot that rig down the road in the safest manner. But when you start letting the tobacco urge interfere with what you know best, your concentration fails and things can go wrong real fast.

Breaks and Alternatives

If you’re a driver who smokes, you’re no different than any other driver in the fact that you know that truck inside and out…or you should! The only difference is you have a need for a little tobacco now and then; just to settle the nerves and raise that nicotine level up a bit so you can carry on. Some truckers say they adopt a rule when they’re driving. They won’t have a cigarette or pipe or cigar until they’re stopped; or when they decide to take a fuel or rest break. Smokers will tell you that when the craving hits, they have to have a cigarette right now. If you look at any health blog or E cigarette blog you can find information to point you in the direction of alternatives to smoking regular cigarettes.

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A Trucker’s Guide To Entering Canada

Entering Canada can be tricky if you are not properly prepared so always be sure you have all of your necessary paperwork, your registration, and your proof of insurance prior to even thinking of going to the Canadian border. For more information on immigration use

Canada’s Restrictions

Canada is a wonderful country but also has some restrictions. If you are thinking of purchasing your medication from Canada from a Canadian pharmacy you need to be sure you understand all of the terms involved. For instance if you were to buy Lipitor you need to understand that your medication is going to go through some checkpoint during the shipping process.

Understanding Canadian Law

This is the time when you need to use the Internet as your information guide to Canada. Wikipedia is a wonderful site that has a great deal of information about Canada and all of its laws. Any particular information you are seeking answers for you will be able to find it on this site.

Always be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions when entering into a new country no matter what. Each country has their own laws that need to be respected so as a visitor please always take that into consideration.

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Developing Your Commercial Trucking Business

Getting into the trucking industry can be a huge moneymaker. If you decide to open a commercial trucking business then there are a few things you need to make sure that you do.

Planning Out Your Trucking Business

The first thing you’re going to need to make sure you have is trucks obviously. You might start out with one truck and then go to 2 to 3, but that is up to you and your budget. You need to have an idea of what specifically you are going to haul and make sure you are licensed properly for each particular load.

Getting Your Banking And Accounts Set Up

You are going to want to make sure you can accept credit cards on the road. A credit card processing merchant account will allow you to process credit cards while you are on the road, so that in case someone needs to pay you immediately it is possible. This account is also great because prior to you delivering a load you can be paid immediately.

Once you iron out any glitches you might have in your business then you will be smooth sailing from there and making lots of money.

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Making Healthy Choices on the Road

Trucking is one of the most difficult jobs in the United States. Unlike other jobs where the employee can go home at night, most truckers don’t get to go home for days on end and they live out of their trucks.
This practice can be very unhealthy because, the average trucker is more focused on delivering their next load than they are with staying healthy.

It’s Time to Stop Smoking

Even though life on the road can be tough for any trucker there is one important thing that the average trucker shouldn’t do: don’t smoke. This is hard to do because; truck stops around the country are full of other truckers who smoke heavily. If a trucker still wants to satisfy their nicotine habit but wants to give up cigarettes they should consider using electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.

Eat Right

Even though it may be difficult for the average trucker to get their share of fruits and vegetables while out on the road they should plan in advance and buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to take with them for their next trip.
Truckers should also use the internet to stop at truck stops and restaurants that feature healthy meals so they can make sure that their bodies are always getting healthy meals packed with vitamins and minerals when they are away from home.


Credit Card Processing and Accounts for Commercial Truckers

Truckers drive all around the United States, and often times get an invoice to get paid. However, payments can take months and months before they will ever be received. This is unfortunate, because truckers need their money to pay their gas or diesel bills immediately.

Commercial truckers now accepting credit card payments

Trucking companies, and independent truckers are now starting to get wise, so that they can get paid faster. The reason this is so crucial is because gas and diesel crisis have gotten so expensive, it is almost to pay for gas or diesel without a credit line. Unfortunately a good majority of the commercial trucking companies and independent truck drivers have taking huge hits the last few years, so most fuel companies are not issuing credit lines anymore. Truckers now are requiring payment whether it be cash, check, or credit cards.

Are there any credit card processing companies that specialize in accounts for truckers?

One way to find out about this, is to go online, and do a very detailed search. In this detailed search you need to find out whether or not a credit card processing company has any merchant accounts which special deals for trucking companies or truckers. The payouts might not be just monthly but perhaps you will be able to get paid at the end of each week for all of your credit card payments. Where you might be able to control when you get paid by doing the transfers yourself. It is a good idea to ask about how you get paid, and how often.

Trucking companies will always be around, so that is a good. It is just getting through these rough years, so that the truckers can start making money again. Also trucks, please be safe out on the road.

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